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All Puppies are held with a $350 non-refundable Waitlist deposit, or a $500 deposit to reserve an available puppy. No exceptions!

Prices for our Miniature American Shepherd puppies or Australian Shepherd puppies typically range from $1500-$2500 per companion puppy. However a show quality, breeding puppy will range from $3000- $4000. Fill out a Puppy Application today.

Our Mini American Shepherd and mini aussie puppies are a family member for life! Yours and our family! Our pups are guaranteed to be healthy of congenital health diseases. We health test all our mini american shepherds in accordance with OFA CHIC requirements set by the MASCUSA breed club. With our top of the line testing on hips, elbows, CAER eye tests, full DNA panels including merle and CDDY/IVDD we are picking the healthiest mini Americans possible.

We also temperament test our mini American shepherds and compete in various dog sports in AKC ensuring our miniature american shepherds are above quality! By picking Miniature American Shepherds by quality, we stand by our dogs and guarantee you will find your pup to be the best dog you’ve ever had! By filling out the Puppy Application and telling us about yourself we can help you get the right puppy!

Please review our Purchase Policies, Terms & Conditions for important information prior to filling out our puppy application. To see some of our available puppies.

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