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Our Mini American shepherd stud dogs

Our Miniature American Shepherd studs are chosen for their temperament, their health, and their structure. They pass all health clearances suggested by the AKC Miniature American Shepherd parent club and all the newer testing that has come out! Check their health testing links to see all that has been done on each dog. We upload everything to OFA as we choose to be transparent with our breeding program as much as possible. We want it to be easy for anyone inquiring on health of our miniature Americans! We want to produce the healthiest dogs we can and use all health testing tools available. Until they are adults at 2 years old not all results will be on OFA. Click on their health testing link for each dog to see what their results are. We pay the extra fees to OFA to have all our health testing available for everyone to see. If you have any questions, please do ask.

We health test our miniature American shepherds for:

OFA or Pennhip hips and elbows to check them for dysplasia.

CAER exam with a canine opthalmologist to check for eye diseases

Full DNA panel through Pawprints, Canine health check or Embark

supplemental DNA test for CDDY/IVDD

Neuroaxonal Disease and Non- HSF4 cataract testing thru Perdue University

We would love to see our Miniature American shepherds go on to finish titles in various events that will showcase their intelligence and their beauty. It is important to us to provide you with a well-balanced dog that will make not only a great family pet, but a great competitor in the ring, if you love to show your dogs. We show our mini American shepherds to prove they are quality dogs who conform to the standard for structure and movement as well as intelligence. We show our dogs in conformation for their championships, obedience, rally, nosework, barnhunt, fastcat, trick dog, and do canine good citizen testing. You will find many letters before and after our dogs official registered name. Those are the titles they have earned, some harder than others to attain. Many dogs we have bred are doing all the things we do as well as barn hunt, agility and herding. The Australian shepherds was developed to be an all-around versatile breed, the mini Aussie should be the same in a smaller package.

Our miniature American shepherds command attention wherever we go in public. People remark on how beautiful they are and see them perform and are astonished how smart they are. We want these traits passed on to the miniature American shepherd puppies for their new homes as well. At most shows you will find my dogs hanging out with me in the crowd answering questions about the breed and the individual dogs. If my handlers have the dogs at a show they will likely defer you to speak to me, but usually will let you pet and love on them. Some of our dogs love more attention then any one person can possibly give in a day!


Swagger is a red merle miniature American shepherd. At 1O months he had both his majors in AKC towards his Championship for a total of 10 points. He is 18 1/2'" tall. He is training for different performance events currently he competes in scent work, obedience, and rally. Swagger has 58 titles at 3 years of age. He is CHIC certified with OFA and clear of everything on the DNA panel. Standing to approved bitches only. Swagger is also a working demo dog for local training classes! He knows how to get peoples attention!

NNCH, ANCH, SN, URO2, UCH Waterfall’s On The Rocks SPOT, NSA1, ORT, NW1, CSS2, ITD, DASH, HOP

Tonic is a serious working dog. He lives with my friend Shanna and they have tried a lot of different dog sports and there is nothing he is not willing to do. He is currently training in agility, herding, scentwork, shed hunting, obedience, rally and maybe something else I am not aware of. He is available to approved bitches. He is fully health tested and can be verified on OFA's website and is CHIC Certified. Tonic is a Miniature Australian Shepherd. He has one Aussie parent and one Miniature American Shepherd parent
and is 18" tall and 40lbs. His offspring are eligible for AKC as Miniature AMerican Shepherds.

black tri stud dog Minnesota

Waterfall’s Bad Habits, TKA, VHMA, SPOT ON

Dude is a black tri miniature American shepherd stud. He is a Candy son. He has started some basic training as well as earned a 5 point major towards his AKC Championship. He is 19" tall and so no longer eligible to compete towards his AKC Championship. He is completely health tested and CHIC certified. He is now training with my step daughter for performance titles. Watch for him around Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Waterfall's Distinguished & Debonair, FDC

Dapper is our youngest miniature American shepherd male and is only just a baby. He is a Paisley and Gotcha son. He looks to be maturing out at 14 1/2″ tall. He has smaller features like his dam. He is super sweet and loves everyone he meets! Will be showing in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.

Our Miniature American and Australian shepherd puppies are a family member for life!

Yours and our family! Our mini pups are guaranteed to be free of congenital health diseases. With our top of the line testing and picking Miniature American Shepherds for their quality, we stand by our dogs and guarantee you will find your pup to be the best dog you've ever had!