Miniature American Shepherd & Australian Shepherd Breeder - Minnesota

Purchase Policies, Terms & Conditions

What's Included

Socialization and Training

All of our Australian Shepherd and Miniature American Shepherd puppies are raised in our home, with children of all ages. They are held and socialized from birth and exposed to a variety of stimuli.  We use early Neurological Stimuli and Puppy Culture to raise well rounded mini American puppies. We start potty train our puppies, and start on crate training, which will make transition and training easier for both you and your Australian Shepherd or Miniature American Shepherd puppy! The pups are exposed to different things every week and we observe their reactions to these items and help any who need more confidence.

Preventative Care

Our Miniature Australian Shepherd and Miniature American Shepherd puppies are given deworming medicine on a regular schedule. They receive age appropriate vaccines from our veterinarian and receive a thorough exam by a licensed vet before they go to their new homes. We want to be sure your Mini Australian Shepherd or Miniature American Shepherd puppy is healthy before coming home to you!

Registration and Microchip

All of our Miniature Australian Shepherd and Miniature American shepherd puppies will come registered and microchipped. We do this for you to ensure it is completed and you are able to simply enjoy your new Miniature Australian Shepherd or miniature American shepherd puppy and not worry about remembering paperwork! This is done at 8 weeks with a FiNano micrchip.

Guarantee and Insurance

Our Australian Shepherd or miniature American shepherd puppies come with 2 year genetic health guarantee. In addition, AKC provides our puppies with 30 days free health insurance with registration as a sample for you to check out. Also as of 2024 our pups come with Trupanion insurance for the first 30 days that you have them and they cover 90% of the medical bills if there is an issue. We want your Australian Shepherd or miniature American shepherd puppy protected! 

We are always here!

We offer lifetime breeder support with each of our puppies. We are always available for the families of our Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies, to answer questions. Training, health or just fun stories! We have stayed in contact with families for years!

Reserving Your Puppy

Pricing of miniature american shepherd puppies

Prices for our Australian Shepherd puppies and our Miniature American Shepherd puppies range from $2500 to $3500 per puppy, depending on several factors. Occasionally there might be one that is more or less. With all the health testing, socialization, desensitizing, proving parents, medical care, and supplies we give you our prices have increased. Due to what we invest, our prices are not negotiable.

Reserving one of our Miniature American Shepherd or Australian Shepherd puppies for sale…

We require a deposit to have any of our Miniature American Shepherd or Australian Shepherd puppies reserved for you. We do not place any puppy on hold without a deposit. Deposit for an available puppy is $500, and the remainder is due 10 days before pick up, or in cash when we meet. Deposit is not refundable. Please read through our Deposit contract.

Future Litter Pick

First pick in any litter is always automatically reserved for Waterfall Aussies. I do not always keep a pup, however I always reserve the option.

Our Australian Shepherd puppy picks are done after 7 weeks of age. This way I can best assess their temperament and drive, and ensure it is a good fit for you and your family, as well as the puppy. There are times I allow puppies to be reserved before 6 weeks of age. I am happy to work with you to find a dog that will suit your family and your lifestyle. 

*Note* Waterfall miniature American shepherds and Aussies strive to breed dogs that will make confident, outgoing, loving, house pets. I cannot make any guarantees to a dog being a service dog or an ESA. These things require specific knowledge on training for specific tasks. Waterfall Aussies will only guarantee our Australian Shepherds and miniature American shepherds will be good pets. How you choose to continue your training is up to you.

To reserve a mini American Shepherd puppy the fee is $350. That is put towards the total price of your chosen puppy. The wait list fee is not refundable.

Going Home with your mini aussie puppy

Our Mini Australian Shepherd and miniature American shepherd puppies are usually ready to go home between 8 and 10 weeks old. This depends on the readiness of the individual pup. The total is due 10 days before the time your puppy is sent with transportation or is due in cash at the time you pick your Australian shepherd puppy up. If you have contacted us through Good Dog and filled out their application process the total due is due 7 days before pickup and through their platform only! This also covers you through their system. Check out their benefits as there are many that they have for the buyers.

Ground and air transportation options are available. We are happy to meet you at the airport, send via flight nanny, or ground transport. Whichever is safest for the puppy and convenient for you.

Flight nanny costs run $700-$900 generally within the continental US.

I am happy to meet you at Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. Round trip flights can usually be found under fairly inexpensive, and with a puppy carry on fee of $100-$125 one way. 

You MUST be prepared to either pick your puppy up, or have your puppy transported to you within 10 days of our release date. We do charge a boarding fee of $50 per day for anything over this period. Boarding fees must be paid in advance.